How to Get a Divorce – This step by step article walks you through the process of getting a divorce.

Child Custody Law – This article deals with the legal issues surrounding child custody.

Joint Child Custody – Most of the time, parents will be awarded Joint Child Custody even if one has the kids most of the time. This article looks at how Joint Child Custody works.

Visitation – When one parent has primary custody, issues of Visitation arise. This article looks at how visitation is determined and works.

Help! I’ve Been Served With Divorce Papers! – What to do if you’ve unexpectedly received divorce papers.

Child Support – In addition to custody and visitation, the financial support of the children is often at issue. This article explores child support.

Paternity – It’s always clear who the mother of a child is. But, paternity can only be determined for sure through a blood test. This article explores the legal issues behind Paternity in Family Law cases.

Father’s Rights – I work with both men and women clients. But I understand why many dads are frustrated that their rights are often compromised. In this article, I explain why men are often better off with a full service rather than a “Father’s only” firm.

Move Aways – Sometimes the custodial parent needs to move away from Southern California for family, work, or financial reasons. But, because the other parent has a continuing interest in visitation with the children, the court must weigh the best interest of the kids in deciding whether a move is permitted. These are some of the toughest and most heartbreaking cases. Whether you are the moving party or the one who wants the kids to stay, you need to read this article.

Equal Division of Property – Property questions are also often at issue in a Divorce. This article explores the issue of Community Property in a No Fault State.

Summary Dissolution – Under limited circumstances, the parties can jointly file a Summary Dissolution and save the expense of a full blown divorce.

Grandparents Rights – In the state of California, grandparents can sue to have visitation with their grandchildren under limited circumstances. This article explores the issue of Grandparent’s Rights.

The Divorce Glossary helps to illuminate terms that you will often find in Family Law cases.

How to Select a Divorce Attorney – Explores the different factors you should look at when retaining a family law lawyer.

Your Ex and Your Kids – This article examines how to communicate with the other parent after a divorce or separation.