Father’s Rights: A Quick Guide

The law says that either party may have primary physical custody of the children. This doesn’t always work out in practice because there is a societal prejudice that mom should get the kids.  Therefore, you need a lawyer on your side that understands father’s rights.

father's rights
father and son on grass. Orange County, CA

Dads need divorce and child custody help because getting the kids, getting a fair support order, and getting a divorce is harder for a man. Divorce help for dads comes in the form of a family attorney who knows how to fight for father’s rights.

Father’s Rights: No Presumption Mother is the Better Parent

The law states that there is no presumption that either parent would make the better custodian of the children based on their gender. But the courts and Judges don’t exist in a world of pure law. They have all of society’s prejudices. And society gives the edge to moms.

That’s why your personal story must be told. You need an effective advocate to present your case in such a way that the only reasonable decision that the Judge could make is one that you can live with. That’s where I can help you – I’m a divorce and family law attorney who understands these nuances.

There are attorneys who advertise that they do exclusively “Father’s Rights.” Is this the best divorce help for dads you can get? I don’t believe it is. The Judges see those attorneys making the same canned arguments day after day.

You need someone who can tell your story. Your unique story. Someone who represents both moms and dads in front of the Judges. Someone who understands where moms are coming from – so that can be used to your advantage.

Divorce is hard on men. Get the best divorce help for dads in order to help you win your case. Call me today at 877-369-5294 for your free in office or phone consultation about father’s rights.