Summary Dissolution in California

Summary Dissolution is the “quick and easy” way to get your divorce if you meet specified criteria.  Some of the advantages of this procedure include expedited filing and only paying one filing fee instead of two.

How to Get a Summary Dissolution

First, a Summary Dissolution requires that you have been married for five years or less at the time of separation. Longer marriages do not qualify.

Second, you may not have children of the relationship. Summary Dissolutions are designed for people who do not have complicated cases, and, as you know, kids complicate everything!

Third, you cannot have any significant assets or debts. People who own homes together typically do not qualify as the property also complicates the dissolution. If you have run up debts during the marriage, you will not qualify because the divorce court has to decide how to divide them.

Summary Dissolution

You can have property in your own name. For instance, if you had a house prior to the marriage and you have not used community assets to make payments on it, you may still qualify for a Summary Dissolution. Similarly, if you have credit card or other debts that you ran up before the marriage, you may still be able to use this route.  But again, if you have major debt that you incurred during the marriage, this is not the vehicle for you.

Advantages of Summary Dissolutions

One advantage of the Summary Dissolution is that it keeps costs and attorney’s fees low. You must decide all of the legal issues between the two of you which means that the Judge doesn’t have to spend time on your case. Your attorney should also charge less as the paperwork is much simpler than in a traditional dissolution.  Also, you only pay one filing fee between the two of you rather than each having to pay a separate fee.  This fee can exceed $400 so it is a significant savings.

If you qualify, getting your divorce through Summary Dissolution is a good way to proceed.  If you would like assistance with the paperwork and filing of a Summary Dissolution, give me a call at (877) 369-5294